Astrological Combinations for Predicting Happiness from Your Offspring

November 4th, 2022

Astrological Combinations for Predicting Happiness from Your Offspring

Children are the greatest blessing in our life – who can carry our dynasty forward. No matter how rich you are, if you are not blessed with a child, then you are the loneliest person in the world. However, the situation is not that simple in some cases, as many parents face a lot of hardship from their children and for which they think the other way around.

As per some of the best astrologers in Kolkata like Sree Sajal Shastri, Vedic astrology has a detailed explanation regarding this matter. Vedic astrology says that certain planets influence the “Santan Sukh” in the chart of the parents and their children. For children, the position of the 4th and 9th house and their corresponding lord is most important in this case. Given below are some of the points that will explain these in detail:

1) In the parents’ chart, the 5th chart represents children, who are very responsible, 9th house denoted the relation of the parents with their children and the 1st house denotes self-satisfaction/image for the children.

2) In case the 5th house is causing malefic actions and positioned with the 6th house, 7th house, 1oth house, and the 12th house, then there is a very good chance for the parents to be away from “Santan Sukh”. The children will be away from their parents and in some cases; they can get very unruly and misbehave with them.

3) If the 5th house influences Rahu, then there is a very good chance for the parent-child relationship to get hampered due to misunderstanding. There are cases where the children run away from their parents for having love marriages. This can also lead to loss of reputation for the parents from society – due to the scandals that their offspring have spread.

4) If the 5th house of the parents has troubled Mars with Saturn or Rahu, then the parents will lose their property; get legal notice, and even police interference – due to actions from their children.

5) If the 5th house of the parents has malefic Mars joined with Ketu, then the parents might face a lot of misunderstanding with their children – which can last for their entire life.

6) If the Lagna of the parents are disturbed and the 5th, 9th or the 12th house of the parents contain a disturbed Jupiter, Ketu, or Rahu – then the parents will be completely abandoned from “Santan Sukh”.

7) If the 5th house of the parents has benefic Jupiter, Venus or Moon, then the parents will get a huge amount of respect from their children. A benefic Venus is mainly responsible for providing the children with a foreign tour and a huge amount of wealth – while Jupiter is responsible for providing peace. A benefic moon is responsible for providing a lot of good emotion and cares for the children for their parents.

Although, the above points may seem a bit problematic for the parents – who are already blessed with a child, yet some ways can get you out of this trouble. Consider consulting some of the best astrologers in South Kolkata for remedial action in this case.

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