Difference Between Vedic Astrology and Tantra Shastra: Know from Sree Sajal Shastri

Vedic Astrology December 19th, 2022

Difference Between Vedic Astrology and Tantra Shastra: Know from Sree Sajal Shastri

Conventional Vedic astrology had its root from the Vedas, which is considered as a standout amongst the most significant wellsprings of information. Vedas had skilled us with such a significant number of information, including the advanced science, which can likewise be said to have been gotten from the Vedas. Vedas can be classified into four main types “Rig”, “Sama”, “Yaju” and “Atharva”.

Probably the best astrologers in Kolkata accept that astrology gathered its roots from the Vedas itself, one is the conventional astrology whose outcomes are resolved from the planetary developments, and the other is the Tantra Shastra which by one way or another arrangement with dark enchantment. Be that as it may, the western people groups accept that Vedic Astro and Tantra Shastra are unique as the previous had started from the Aryans and the later from the Dravidians. In any case, probably the best and renowned astrologers in south Kolkata like Sree Sajal Shastri accepts that Tantra Shastra had started from the “Atharva Veda” itself and henceforth totally moral and regarded.

The Vedic Astrology and the Tantric Shastra are nearly equivalent, as both of them had similar inception. Truth be told Tantra is viewed as an adjustment of the Vedic structure and some belief it to be substantially more powerful. The Vedic structure mostly speaks to light, while the Tantra speaks to vitality, henceforth we can comprehend that they signify a similar significance as light gives us vitality. Also, Vedic structure love “Ruler Shiva” and tantric structure venerate “Shakti/Kali” who is additionally viewed as life accomplices.

Also, a portion of the top Rishis in the antiquated human progress was known to have been revering “Shakti” as it meant extreme power. Truth is told a portion of the significant Vedas like “Rig Veda” likewise indicated Shakti, so we can’t separate Tantra with Vedic structure now. Not to overlook, both of the structures likewise incorporate performing different Yogyas and ceremonies to satisfy the divine beings, and consequently, it’s reasoned that they are essentially the equivalent, even though they are unique.

Presently going to its adequacy, the two are viable in their structures, in any case, in Tantras, we can anticipate that the outcomes should come quicker as we legitimately welcome the goddess to take care of the issues. Numerous western people groups have disarray of naming the Tantras as dark enchantment or some deceptive practices, which the best astrologers in South Kolkata accept to be off-base. They accept that Tantra is a sort of sadhana which should be possible just by some particular people, who accomplish profound health through that.

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