Graphology Insights from the Perspective of Sree Sajal Shastri

Graphology October 20th, 2022

Graphology Insights from the Perspective of Sree Sajal Shastri

According to astrology in India, Graphology is a part of science that chiefly manages penmanship investigation and deciding the character or character characteristics through the equivalent. Graphology is additionally valuable in distinguishing the three zeros of penmanship, incline and the dispersing in the middle of the characters, character size and the weight applied on the pages while composing.

As indicated by a portion of the famous astrologers in Kolkata graphology has been there since 2000 years and its standards have been acknowledged by the two India and the Western nations. Be that as it may, to appropriately comprehend the standards of Graphology, we ought to appropriately know the human cerebrum which has associations with our inclination and the fingers of our hands. The human mind reacts following the sentiments like pressure, bliss or tragic – which thus make the fingers of our hands move. Henceforth, the penmanship of an individual who is solid and upbeat will vary from the individuals who are experiencing mental injury and not in the best of their wellbeing.

Three Handwriting Zones

The penmanship of an individual can be isolated into three significant zones like Upper, Middle and the Lower zone. As appeared in the figure over, the upper zone is otherwise called the “Zone for Intellectuals” and predominantly speaks to those people who are clever, otherworldly and innovative. The centre zone, then again, is known as the “Social Zone” – speaks to those people who have bunches of self-assurance and likes to keep up his social relations. Additionally, these people are activity arranged and they don’t care to sit around valuable time in speculation. The lower zone, otherwise called “Baser Zone” mostly speaks to the sexual want of an individual and they have more love for sex in a relationship. On the off chance that the letters drop progressively, at that point it will speak to their material wants, while letters which have an extremely sharp base speak to an individual’s criminal propensities.

The Writing Slant

The inclination of composing can be isolated into 5 primary classifications, in light of penmanship styles. If the penmanship speaks to total vertical letters, at that point it indicates an individual who lives or likes to think in the present. On the off chance that the penmanship is slanted towards the right, at that point it speaks to people who like to live later on. On the off chance that the letters are incredibly disposed towards the right, at that point it delineates people who might want to hop into activities without satisfactory reasoning. To wrap things up, on the off chance that the letters are marginally disposed towards left, at that point it speaks to people who are exceptionally inventive and if letters are profoundly disposed towards left, they speak to people who are daydreamers.

Word Spacing:

On the off chance that there is a ton of room between the words, at that point it speaks to an individual who is forlorn in his/her life and wouldn’t like to connect with others also. While then again, on the off chance that the words are exceptionally near one another, at that point it speaks to people who like to connect with individuals and engage with them. These people are consistently unreliable in their life and have a low certainty level.

Scholars who will in general leave void area between the two lines of their sentence are typically the ones with incredible investigative abilities while other people who don’t speak to feeble willed people.

The Direction of Writing Lines

Lines that follow a climbing request speak to those people who are hopeful in their life – while lines following a diving request speak to negative people. Aside from that, a wavy line speaks to the character of an individual whose character regularly vacillates.

Letter Sizes

People who utilize enormous letters while they are composing are the ones who consistently hope to be particular according to other people, while other people who utilize little are keen people who never make a big deal about others. Round letters speak to kind people and restricted letters speak to calculative ones.

Pressure While Writing

People who apply a colossal measure of weight while composing speaks to the individuals who are solid hearted, have a solid will and have a gigantic measure of sexual want. While the individuals who don’t make a difference tremendous weight speak to the individuals who have low sexual want and are not solid willed.


Given above are a portion of the incredible tips and strategies that are being shared by a portion of the extraordinary astrologers or graphologists in Kolkata. Nonetheless, applying the methods of graphology requires an expert’s consideration – if you need to get the most extreme outcomes from them. Counsel graphologists like Shree Sajal Shastri for a getting a specialists guidance in this section.

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