Why Couples Lose Themselves in a Relationship and How to Stop the Same

November 21st, 2022

Why Couples Lose Themselves in a Relationship and How to Stop the Same

Love marriages as we know is one of the most common things that are happening in the societies of Kolkata. However, love marriages are not as successful as it looks from outside – some couples still search for their true peace after the marriage. As per some of the latest research work done by the best astrologers in Kolkata, people in modern time always tend to lose themselves after marriage. This often leads to the tensed situation among the couples and gives rise to depression, arguments, etc. which ultimately leads to divorce.

Know What Losing Yourself Looks Like

Losing yourself from a relationship means that you are giving away your feelings for your partner. To elaborate that, it means you are giving away some of your unique abilities – what makes you unique. You give away your wants, your main desires, and everything – which someone may feel not worth. According to some of the top astrologers in Kolkatabelow given are some of the main signs for losing yourself in a relationship.

– You will start thinking about ways to pleasure your partner and will give away your sense of the act, thinking ability and personal desires.

– You will start to ignore your unique desires and also your basic needs.

– You will start ignoring your hobbies, life goals, and your life dreams.

Reason for Losing Yourself in a Relationship

As per some of the best astrologers in South Kolkata like Sree Sajal Shastri, the reason for losing yourself in a relationship lies in our ability to love our partners flawlessly. You love for your partner binds you to your partner in such a way that you tend to sacrifice everything for them. You often come into a false intension that they would fulfill everything in your life and make that complete.

It has been seen after marriage, that your sacrifice becomes that much great that you ignore your parents and their desires as well. This situation gets worse – when you have a kid of your own. Hence, our whole life is triggered by responsibilities and sacrifices – which lead to losing ourselves in a relationship.

Solution for Losing Yourself in a Relationship

As per the best astrologers in Behala, you can prevent yourself from losing in a relationship in the following ways:

– You should love others, but not at the cost of losing your love for yourself.

– You need to find some time for yourself and do what you like the most – without thinking about what others will think.

– You can hang up with your best buddies or others whom you like the most for a day. Which means that you are taking yourself out on a date?

– Listen to what your heart is saying and decide on other things accordingly.

– Focus on your career goals and what you want to accomplish in your life.

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