Effect of Planets on Marriage Issues – Know from the Best Astrologer in Behala

Marriage Issues Astrology April 7th, 2023

Effect of Planets on Marriage Issues – Know from the Best Astrologer in Behala

According to the best astrologer in South Kolkata, marriages are made by God, and we are just the ones who execute them. However, human beings sometimes get confused and don’t know what happens in their married lives. People visit the best astrologer in Behala, like Sree Sajal Shastri, for guidance related to marriage issues.

In analyzing the issues in the horoscope, astrologers study the planetary positions very well and predict accordingly. Below are some of the planetary effects on marriage – shared by the best astrologer in Kolkata.

Venus: Venus is the planet that denotes love, and if this planet is in a superior position in a person’s birth chart, that person can lead a happy married life. In many cases, it has been seen that such persons got engaged in loved marriages at an early age.

Mars: If Mars is vital for a person, then that person will likely have a married or love married life.

Moon: The best astrologer in Behala says that the Moon is a planet that hampers a married life. If the Moon is healthy, that leads to many marriage issues and separation.

Mercury: A person with strong Mercury thrives on living a happy married life and obeying society’s rules to strengthen the marriage bonding.

Jupiter: The marriage of a person happens when the planet Jupiter is in a superior position. It shows his lovely married life, as well.

Saturn: As per the best astrologer in India, Saturn is a planet that delays marriage for a person by making them lose interest. This planet destabilizes their love life as well.

Sun: An intense Sun in the horoscope helps a person lead a happy married life – without the adverse effect of malefic planets like Rahu/Ketu.

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