Facing the Problem of Extra Marital Relation? Know their Cause from Sree Sajal Shastri

December 20th, 2022

Facing the Problem of Extra Marital Relation? Know their Cause from Sree Sajal Shastri

Extramarital affairs are one of the most common problems that are arising in young couples nowadays – irrespective of their genders. Sometimes this occurs of the nature of the men/women and sometimes it’s beyond their control and happens with just an infatuation. Some even get intimate with other men/women and ends up breaking their long-lasting marital relationship. People in Kolkata often visit with such problems to Sree Sajal Shastri (awarded best astrologer in Kolkata) to find an appropriate remedial solution.

Among the planetary bodies, Rahu is mainly considered responsible for guiding human beings towards bad decisions and also inviting trouble in their life. As per some of the top famous astrologers in Kolkata, a combination of Rahu, Mars, and Saturn is responsible for extramarital relationships. It has been seen in the birth charts of individuals that unfaithfulness towards others is often triggered by Moon and Rahu.

If it is being seen that both Venus and Moon are set in the seventh place of the master, at that point it is as a rule incredibly influenced by Rahu. Accordingly, it builds up the inclination to undermine the accomplice that can in the long run lead to extramarital issues.

At the point when Rahu is being situated in the seventh house then it shows towards the sexual misconduct, absence of discretion, and flighty conduct with the life partner.

It is additionally being noted by the best astrologers in South Kolkata that the master of the seventh house when is being joined with Rahu, in the purpose of certainty demonstrates those individuals who are not all that submitted in their relationship and can without much of a stretch cheat their accomplices anytime.

It has been seen that Mars frequently gets upset by Rahu and Saturn particularly in a feeble horoscope, and afterward, the individual will certainly encapsulate high sexual wants/herself.

At the point when Mars is in effect gravely influenced in the seventh house, at that point the female will be in sexual associations with that male who as of now have relations with another female.

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