Know About Shani Graha or Shani Dev from Sree Sajal Shastri

December 7th, 2022

Know About Shani Graha or Shani Dev from Sree Sajal Shastri

Saturn is a kind of planet that mainly possesses a lot of influence in the lives of human beings. For non-believers in Gods or astrology, Saturn is just a planet, but as per the Hindu mythology, Saturn is being worshipped as a powerful God. As per some of the best astrologers in Kolkata, Lord Shani is believed to be very handsome – who mainly rides a crow and provide results as per the Karma of human beings.

Shani Dev is the brother of Yamraj (the Lord of Death) and believed to have been delivering a proper justice to people after their death – according to the Hindu mythology. The word Shani came from a Sanskrit word (the name of an auspicious celestial body). The planet named as Saturn mainly represents Shani as per the Vedic astrology and that represents the seventh day of every week.

As per some ancient manuscripts or the Vedas, the father of Lord Shani is believed to be Lord Sun – to whom Shani prayed to provide him with a position that’s not been attained by anyone earlier. Lord Shani just wants to ensure that no other gods or asura can challenge him in terms of speed or magnificence. Some of the best astrologers in South Kolkata, says that Lord Sun was pleased with his prayers and told him to worship Lord Shiva. After following the advice from father, Lord Shani worshipped Lord Shiva and went to Kashi – for which he has attained a special place in the planetary system.

Importance of Shani Graha from Astrology

As per astrology, Saturn is a very slow planet and it takes around 2.5 years for Shani to move from one zodiac to others. Some people believed Shani to have been an indication of omen, like when Shani opened his eyes for the first time – his father Lord Sun went into an eclipse.

Shani is believed to have been a very powerful planet and it has a lot of impact on the lives of individuals. As this is a very slow planet, it takes about 30 years for Shani completing 1 round of zodiac calendar. This is considered to be an absolute powerful planet and has a lot of impact on the life of human beings like happiness, sorrow, proper discipline, providing restriction and others. Shani Graha gives a lot of things as well as takes a lot of things from individuals.

Other Astrological Significance of Saturn

As per the birth chart of human beings, Shani Graha main affects the 3rd house, 7th house and the 10th house from the house in which it is present. The transition period of Lord Shani from the 12th house in the Kindali of a person is known as Shani Sade Sati. Similarly, whenever Shani passes along the 4th house from the Moon sign of a person – it takes along 2 and a half years to complete the same.

Shani dev mainly represents people who serve and loves those who like to work very hard. Some of the best astrologers in India say that he is Skinny, tall, eyes with honey-colour and non-smooth hair.

Astrologers in Mumbai Says him to be the Justice Lord

As per some of the best astrologers in Mumbai, Lord Shani mainly carries the position of a fair teacher or judge in the lives of individuals. In case, Saturn is positively placed in our lives, this can provide you with success you haven’t imagined in your entire life. However, if that is ill-placed, that can provide you with a lot of hardships or stress and which cannot be neglected easily. Shani loves people who are genuine and like to work hard for their living. As has been mentioned earlier in this blog, Shani Dev is directly proportional to Karma – that makes him both good and bad at the same time.

There are some people in Mumbai or other big cities of India, who often misunderstand Lord Shani to be a very cruel person. However, some of the best astrologers in Kolkata describe his god who likes to follow disciplines and love good/hardworking people. Some astrologers can uplift the positive effects of Saturn to make you happy and provide the ultimate blessings to your life. You just have to pick the right astrologers to do the same. Contact some of the best astrologers in Kolkata like Sree Sajal Shastri – to enhance the power of Shani Dev or to reduce his negative effects today.

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